Friday, May 8, 2009

perhaps when i have more inspired thoughts on other subjects i will try writing articles.


These feelings that i kept inside
the floodgates broke, they're open wide
and i just wanna drink it all away
my face feels numb, my thoughts are dumb
and unconsciousness just won't seem to come to me
these dark circles that i try to hide
seem constant as the incoming tide
feet sinking in the sand, standing facing out to sea
i stand there on the windblown shore
not sure that i care anymore
empty bottles line the path that led me here
it's really kind of lonely when you're alone and out of beer
they say that misery loves company
but no one's standing next to me
when did all the peopl leave, and i stop believing
i guess it all just goes to show
how much i'd only hope to know
so fuck it all i'm going back inside
i'm drunk as hell and have nowhere to go
because friends that brought me here have left
and the streetlights don't really seem to reach
this sandy beach where only shadows seem to grow

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