Thursday, May 14, 2009

8-count rain

With eyes to advertise so much
disappointment raining from the skies
these drops that fall and hit the wall
in torrents percieved with ev'ry sense
so rain, rain, please go away
and sunny skies please take the place
of vacant spots i've seen inside
thoses irises so cool and deep
where thoughts swim by and feelings sleep and hide
who look at clouds of yesterday
with a blank masklike expression
concealing inner tension
trying to blink off shrouds of grey
well, come what may, this i will say:
rain, rain, please don't stay, go away
atmosphere that brought you here is far behind
don't stay indoors and draw the blinds
watching and waiting for blue skies
a color to match a cool shade
i truly hope you'll recognize
it only takes one step out the door
to know what we have umbrellas for
glance at the ground around your feet
at mirrors made and formed from this
and reflections are all we'll see
it does not always have to be

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