Monday, November 16, 2009

Wishing (You) Well

I dropped a wish down the old well
with eyes that followed as it fell
to dark and murky depths below
where doubtful dreams and hopes may grow
but keeping to the local lore
i tossed also a quarter more
it shimmered in the dying light
then into darkness made it's flight
maybe just simple superstition
wasted coin, a poor petition
or fleeting comfort for the few
who frankly know naught else to do
when all else fails, you may yet try
but wave your pocket change goodbye

Leap of Faith

A heart so walled away is blind
if i entered, think you would mind?
fortresses do crumble, Dear
Twas through a crack i entered here
throw up your walls to keep me out
i'll slip back in with your self-doubt
you're not infallible, you know
I'm simply trying to help you grow
with lessons learned that we all share
with aims to help, to strip you bare
from such illusions harbored in
each morning's hollow waking grin
each evening's frown before you sleep
dreams haunted by the lies you keep
and fears yets still of something more
not of life's love you could restore
but also that you could regain
the semblance of a heart's true pain
that you might trade it for the dark
protection for a lesser mark

Wishful Thinking

Bring me to the water's edge
ripples dance across the surface
i'll sit with you upon a ledge
counting ways that it was worth this
knowing it's all just a dream
hold my hand until the waking
our stones, we'll toss, into the stream
until woken by gentle shaking
sunrise comes when it is ready
entwined fingers, palms together
i do my best to keep it steady
that skips like rocks on water
unfair facts that i can't alter

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Change of Heart

A heart of stone you ground to dust
and breathed life into with your trust
it changed me and brought such great joy
so shocked at first it seemed a ploy
from dust to clay a vessel shaped
but filled with holes and cracks that gaped
my earthen heart was fragile yet
still none inside it came to let
but in you seeped like molten gold
you drowned my doubts and took firm hold
securely settled deep inside
the brilliant warmth solidified
it's fractured shelled then fell away
a perfect whole where it had lay

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i look upon a distant star
my body's here, my thoughts are far
it's so nice to be understood
to know you're loved, to feel so good
i lay here in my bed tonight
the music's on, the feeling's right
just knowing someone out there cares
puts me at peace, nothing compares

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Masks We Wear

Wanted to be a loyal friend
Sometimes we fail to see the end
My heart, once bruised, now on the mend
The days flew by so very fast

Those dreams I entertained some nights
Of company and turned-off lights
Took mind and body to new heights
Now deeply buried in the past

The cruelest card that life has dealt
That gets me blue, makes my hopes melt
Is that despite how good they’ve felt
Of ties I make, none seem to last

I grow attached quite easily
My social sense abandons me
I’ve done some awkward things, you see
Such history is very vast

I patiently await the day
That I might hear the newsman say
“Hell’s frozen over, let us pray”
That from me, this curse I may cast

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lest it all come crumbling down

I'd rather have a brickhouse than a straw or stick house
tough as nails and never fails to hold
i found a warm and cheery glow inside
the night the door was opened wide
with drapes and carpets covered like pure gold
who lives within i cannot say
i suppose that i'll find out someday
but for now the bed is calling me
and before i drift off far from here
i want to make this brickhouse secure
from waiting wolves and offer some safety

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Invitation to the Depths

Believe in what you cannot see
Can you conceive the air we breathe?
Each breath is slowly killing me
You know you will too eventually
It’s nothing to laugh at that time destroys all things
While wearing your heart on your sleeves
You’ll find out how much it bleeds
how many dark stains it leaves
How jaded are your memories
That you can’t see the forest for the trees
But I can see the sea, washing steadily over me
I know the tides, your change of sides
You shift on that beach quite nervously
Stepping on sand, your piece of dry land
The only certainty on which you stand
But let’s swim, these depths invite you in
Test your waters, fear isn’t the only common sense
It’s a natural defense, another border fence
Breathe, this air will help you float, but only if you let it
Can you take it? Life has no preserver, you got to make it
It’s all about your motion in this ocean; sink or swim;
Davey Jones waits and you could very well join him
I can see your back, but all you can see is the shore
Walking on water isn’t commonplace these days
It just doesn’t happen anymore
But damn, I swear you swam, half-ran right back over that crest
Your shirt, a useless sail fixed to a heaving chest
Where did your loyalties lie & when did they falter and die?

Craters & Catalysts

Fall back into the crater where the catalyst hit
Of the depth of inspiration you’ve found in it
Far from the world let’s try to free fall
Like leaves from a tree first one, two, then all
to float on the surface, where you lie there dying
technically but surely, though some go on trying
Immersed in a sea, what is it to be?
So uncharacteristically buoyant
Yet still sinking quite peacefully
When facts don’t make sense
And ignorance, your only pretense
‘cause they’re all so shallow
like spheres sorely lacking dimensions
useful as a trip to the gallows
Grab hold as you’re told to the rope in suspension
Be ready to jump when you wish to land
The choice always given, everything close at hand
Not often we land on a sole destination
But with one foot in uncertainty, and the other temptation
For all that we seek, the bright-colored lights
That so light up our dreams
And fill up our nights
would you tear at the seams
As you drift from the heights?
No, dive in and absorb it, these rare lucid streams

Sticks & Sand

writing in the sand
like so many times before
incoming of a wave
washing my words from the shore
gathering my thoughts
as rhythmic water sounds and breaks
even as i finish a new line
again, the ocean comes and from me takes

Oh Well , it Was Worth a Try

I’m no good with creative compliments, (10)
I’m sorry to say they’re not my forte (10)
These kind words and little presents (8)
But I hope you accept them anyway (10)
I know you’ve heard them all before (8)
From others that might have more sway (8)
But please leave me an open door (8)
And not be so quick to send me on my way (11)

Blank Pages

you're sort of like an open book
but completely full of blank pages
written in invisible ink
look at how hard you make this
too concerned with what people think
and i'd really just like to know
no, i wish that you'd just show me
to see just how far this could go
i'm tired of taking this slowly
so please toss that old paperback
and show me something with a spine
i'll pay with paper or plastic
but i'm sick of sitting in line
when you're ready up at check-out
i'll be waiting with my wallet
can't try to say you lost your phone
'cause it rang when i just called it
is it really alot to ask?
your cheeks are getting red and warm
you're making this no simple task
let's watch the words begin to form

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frankenstein Monster

A world given to normalcy
at my passing watches warily
my eyes as dry as desert sand
they think i do not understand
the emotions that they come to feel
a weight that causes me to kneel
an inner light that goes unknown
behind a mask of flesh and bone
science gone wrong, abomination
the darker side of man's creation
to wander forth and ever be
iconic of man's duplicity
a nomadic trek of haunted steps
a wait to see God's promise kept
that though unnatural the birth
he least in me might find some worth
my days to me fragmented dreams
a patchwork heart with nightmare seams
love from none to spare upon
this life-given automaton


I burned every memory that we’d ever made
The corners were charring as it all began to fade
Flame consumed it bit by bit, slowly getting rid of all of it
From the ashes rose a rain of red embers drifting ‘round
An armada of tiny phoenixes from the blackened mound
Those fireflies with twilight eyes took with them all the ties that night
Floating away through plumes of gray, a cloak worn on the summer sky
And smells of the smoke seemed to soak my clothes like dye,
But that’s okay, somehow now it all feels right


Child, you are safe
from every mistake i've ever made
i've grown up from you,
but through it all you're still here too
we're stuck together in this pit
but you've helped me get over it
so many times i've tried to climb
and you've thrown me a life-line
over and over through our life-time
i've grabbed and pulled at sturdy rope
woven from your misplaced hope in me
and from it drew security
so that no matter how fucked up life gets
i can be a shield, and walk with no regrets


smoke whispered from the silhouettes of trees that lined the sunset
the last burning rays of the good days that seemed to mark my mindset
but we didn't even mind it
with Bics raised high we touched the sky and set it all ablaze
and wandered through the haze on a trail we blazed ourselves


Don't really know what i was thinking
'til i stopped and sat there blinking at the day
never saw the light that was shining down
dancing on my face and this half-formed frown
as my thoughts turned and drifted far away
fingers clenching at distant notions
my face clouded with mixed emotions
feet absently finding grip on hard-packed dirt
the breeze cutting like blades right through my shirt
as i rose and thought of nothing else to say
how can i reply, look in your eyes
when nothing that i know will make you stay?...
lips frozen like the winter air
eyes burning begin to blur
an expression that we never hope to wear
a note left behind without a single word
and dropped suddenly, a lead weight in my hand
a list of reasons that you could understand

8-count rain

With eyes to advertise so much
disappointment raining from the skies
these drops that fall and hit the wall
in torrents percieved with ev'ry sense
so rain, rain, please go away
and sunny skies please take the place
of vacant spots i've seen inside
thoses irises so cool and deep
where thoughts swim by and feelings sleep and hide
who look at clouds of yesterday
with a blank masklike expression
concealing inner tension
trying to blink off shrouds of grey
well, come what may, this i will say:
rain, rain, please don't stay, go away
atmosphere that brought you here is far behind
don't stay indoors and draw the blinds
watching and waiting for blue skies
a color to match a cool shade
i truly hope you'll recognize
it only takes one step out the door
to know what we have umbrellas for
glance at the ground around your feet
at mirrors made and formed from this
and reflections are all we'll see
it does not always have to be

Friday, May 8, 2009

perhaps when i have more inspired thoughts on other subjects i will try writing articles.


These feelings that i kept inside
the floodgates broke, they're open wide
and i just wanna drink it all away
my face feels numb, my thoughts are dumb
and unconsciousness just won't seem to come to me
these dark circles that i try to hide
seem constant as the incoming tide
feet sinking in the sand, standing facing out to sea
i stand there on the windblown shore
not sure that i care anymore
empty bottles line the path that led me here
it's really kind of lonely when you're alone and out of beer
they say that misery loves company
but no one's standing next to me
when did all the peopl leave, and i stop believing
i guess it all just goes to show
how much i'd only hope to know
so fuck it all i'm going back inside
i'm drunk as hell and have nowhere to go
because friends that brought me here have left
and the streetlights don't really seem to reach
this sandy beach where only shadows seem to grow

It's not all i hope to post up here, but it's something i wish to share.

*untitled draft*

It started raining suddenly
and i could see so clearly
all that you held so dearly in your heart
revelation hit me with a start
understanding like the lightning to the skies
as drops dripped slowly down your face
i thought in new light on past days
and of the light that lit your eyes that night
you chose to see what you believed
but my beliefs were different
and i'd thought it was self-evident
thught i guess now evidently not
because it seems surprise has caught me
in a place i never thought i'd be
we're standing here and cheeks begin to burn
you've given me something i'm not sure i can return

quite simply, i write poetry among other things


You try to justify your lies
it's not on you, it's nothing new
these threads you weave to hypnotize
the web you spin and live within
has begun to trap you too
bad habits have become your prison
you say you don't want to be used
but look who's using who
what's a hypocrite to do?
it looks to me like self-defense or your greatest pretense
that you stay there in your self-made cell
and lie even to yourself as well