Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Acquiescence

We smoked in circles under leaves made of green and gold
These wooden pipes kept burning as we turned the time away
In wooded glades far from the order and distant goals
Our shadows withered and grew as we shuffled through,
The world moved so much faster than we knew
Tree trunks rose up beside us, reaching far into the skies
So many outstretched arms, so many voiceless sighs
So many fingers waving slowly in the lazy summer breeze
As we sat below pondering the world and our identities
what is real and what is only meant to be

Wings of Stone

Falling from your lips
Like so many stone birds
Attempting to take flight
As such are your empty words
Falling on deaf ears
They drop and shatter on the floor
Even as you begin to speak
I'm turning, walking towards the door

Inner Demons

Retreating back inside the mind
careful or lost in labyrinth find
at best while you are wandering
behind you trail a guiding string
lest no way from complex maze
and meet you inner monster's gaze
a beast of rage, of guilt, of loss
borne then soon after in there tossed
behind you leave no open door
or reckon with the minotaur