Monday, November 16, 2009

Wishing (You) Well

I dropped a wish down the old well
with eyes that followed as it fell
to dark and murky depths below
where doubtful dreams and hopes may grow
but keeping to the local lore
i tossed also a quarter more
it shimmered in the dying light
then into darkness made it's flight
maybe just simple superstition
wasted coin, a poor petition
or fleeting comfort for the few
who frankly know naught else to do
when all else fails, you may yet try
but wave your pocket change goodbye

Leap of Faith

A heart so walled away is blind
if i entered, think you would mind?
fortresses do crumble, Dear
Twas through a crack i entered here
throw up your walls to keep me out
i'll slip back in with your self-doubt
you're not infallible, you know
I'm simply trying to help you grow
with lessons learned that we all share
with aims to help, to strip you bare
from such illusions harbored in
each morning's hollow waking grin
each evening's frown before you sleep
dreams haunted by the lies you keep
and fears yets still of something more
not of life's love you could restore
but also that you could regain
the semblance of a heart's true pain
that you might trade it for the dark
protection for a lesser mark

Wishful Thinking

Bring me to the water's edge
ripples dance across the surface
i'll sit with you upon a ledge
counting ways that it was worth this
knowing it's all just a dream
hold my hand until the waking
our stones, we'll toss, into the stream
until woken by gentle shaking
sunrise comes when it is ready
entwined fingers, palms together
i do my best to keep it steady
that skips like rocks on water
unfair facts that i can't alter