Friday, May 13, 2011

My thoughts on a few economic matters & other things

oil speculation? It has to go. It's driving up the oil prices & hurting us all. Let's get some legislation going to crack down on this A.S.A.P.
Just read this & see for yourself.
Perhaps we could march on Washington? What happened to the good old days when people weren't too lazy to Publicly & Peacefully Protest & make their voices heard?
if oil is what's driving up other prices then lowering it's price back to reasonable levels should be one of our top priorities

Spending cuts are necessary to dig ourselves out of the hole, but so are new taxes. Unless of course you're okay with rampant poverty because the programs in place to help the needy just lost pretty much all their funding.

on the same note, many programs desperately need restructuring. Medical & Social Security to name a few. Let's get realistic.

Another thing: drugs.
i'm of the opinion that marijuana should be legalized & taxed. That way more money will go back toward our government & towards getting us out of debt rather than going to the Mexican drug cartels.
suppose for a moment that the government were to legalize marijuana,grow it, & sell it. Government networks are established enough & has enough resources that it probably could effectively sell to the nation at large for prices that wouldn't be as attractively profitable on the local level; effectively discouraging street competition, & in turn helping to shut out Mexican drug cartels who make big money pushing the stuff across our borders.
local growers who don't want to buy can be issued a "grower's permit" for a reasonable fee. plants grown with a permit can be subject to fines. thus creating even more government income.
They could undercut the market.
Meth & cocaine however, should still be very much illegal for obvious reasons.

When & why did manufacturing become too expensive in the united states?
what happened to our being "leaders of industry"?
what happened to our steel mills, american TV's, electronics, etc.
WE IMPORT MORE GOODS THAN WE EXPORT. Does this notion not seem crazy to anyone else accept me? It means more money is leaving the country than entering it.

Also we need to legalize our illegal immigrants. Once they're in the system, they can be taxed to the full extent just like any other American citizen. With the exception of Native-Americans, we were all immigrants to this country once upon-a-time. For all you know, you may even have an illegal immigrant or two in your own ancestry you don't know about *shrug*.

We probably should have alerted the Pakistanis to Bin Laden & given them a chance to capture him themselves. Then after telling them,& still keeping a close eye on Bin Laden's compound, we could've overseen the situation & monitored what happened just to make sure Bin Laden didn't get away, & that Pakistan did their job.
I mean,just imagine if a high profile criminal wanted by Pakistan had been hiding out in the U.S. & Pakistani special forces had just flagrantly disregarded our sovereignty & popped up in one of our cities out of nowhere, surrounded a house, then proceeded to take their target down amid bursts of gunfire. WE WOULD BE WAY BEYOND PISSED OFF. & we wonder why other countries think we're so arrogant *rolls eyes*.

Kind of a pity that Bin Laden couldn't have been taken alive. Not sympathizing with him in any way, but now he's become a martyr for their cause. Living men make poor martyrs. At the very least, maybe we could have had Afghanistan honor his death sentence instead. Offer to let his own people execute him 'cause they'd be obligated & all that jazz. If Al-Qaeda came looking for blood, then our hands would be clean, & we just went through all the proper channels. It would have made for a better political move, i think.

& that's all i have to say for the moment...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010


To win the book, Harmonic Feedback by author, Tara Kelly
According to contest rules, i have to post this, to enter.
& i really hope i win, because the book looked pretty darn interesting :).
Prolly just 'cause i have AS and so does the main character, but whatevs.
Anyways, be sure to check it out if this sounds interesting to you.
A link to the contest page is included below.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Check This Guy Out for Some Good Music :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Acquiescence

We smoked in circles under leaves made of green and gold
These wooden pipes kept burning as we turned the time away
In wooded glades far from the order and distant goals
Our shadows withered and grew as we shuffled through,
The world moved so much faster than we knew
Tree trunks rose up beside us, reaching far into the skies
So many outstretched arms, so many voiceless sighs
So many fingers waving slowly in the lazy summer breeze
As we sat below pondering the world and our identities
what is real and what is only meant to be

Wings of Stone

Falling from your lips
Like so many stone birds
Attempting to take flight
As such are your empty words
Falling on deaf ears
They drop and shatter on the floor
Even as you begin to speak
I'm turning, walking towards the door

Inner Demons

Retreating back inside the mind
careful or lost in labyrinth find
at best while you are wandering
behind you trail a guiding string
lest no way from complex maze
and meet you inner monster's gaze
a beast of rage, of guilt, of loss
borne then soon after in there tossed
behind you leave no open door
or reckon with the minotaur

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wishing (You) Well

I dropped a wish down the old well
with eyes that followed as it fell
to dark and murky depths below
where doubtful dreams and hopes may grow
but keeping to the local lore
i tossed also a quarter more
it shimmered in the dying light
then into darkness made it's flight
maybe just simple superstition
wasted coin, a poor petition
or fleeting comfort for the few
who frankly know naught else to do
when all else fails, you may yet try
but wave your pocket change goodbye

Leap of Faith

A heart so walled away is blind
if i entered, think you would mind?
fortresses do crumble, Dear
Twas through a crack i entered here
throw up your walls to keep me out
i'll slip back in with your self-doubt
you're not infallible, you know
I'm simply trying to help you grow
with lessons learned that we all share
with aims to help, to strip you bare
from such illusions harbored in
each morning's hollow waking grin
each evening's frown before you sleep
dreams haunted by the lies you keep
and fears yets still of something more
not of life's love you could restore
but also that you could regain
the semblance of a heart's true pain
that you might trade it for the dark
protection for a lesser mark

Wishful Thinking

Bring me to the water's edge
ripples dance across the surface
i'll sit with you upon a ledge
counting ways that it was worth this
knowing it's all just a dream
hold my hand until the waking
our stones, we'll toss, into the stream
until woken by gentle shaking
sunrise comes when it is ready
entwined fingers, palms together
i do my best to keep it steady
that skips like rocks on water
unfair facts that i can't alter